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     The Resistance Always Increases
                                       by The Scalpel

Any president might violate the Law of War, but what president can
violate the Law of Gravity? Universal justice is blind, and the laws of
nature are its legal code. All life, all humanity is its subject. There are
no exemptions, and no violator is pardoned. The laws of nature apply
to all human endeavors – including war. A president or a prime
minister may avoid prosecution for war crimes if they have the power
to do so, but no person and no nation is mighty enough to flaunt the
laws of nature without suffering the consequences.

Perhaps the greatest military philosopher of all time, Charles Darwin
first described the Law of Natural Selection in his scientific treatise,
"The Origin of the Species." Commonly known as "the survival of the
fittest," the Law of Natural Selection states that those creatures best
adapted to survival in their particular environment will be the ones
most likely to pass their traits on to others. The result is that over
time, any species that survives must constantly improve its ability to
resist threats to its existence. Hence, as it pertains to the battle for
survival, the Law of Natural Selection can be restated as follows: The
resistance always increases.

How to Defeat the United States Army – in Your Underpants!
The Scalpel  


Most people think that they could never defeat United States Army.
The Army possesses nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and
knows how to use them. They have Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks,
and more depleted uranium rounds than you can shake a stick at! No
one would believe that one man, not even one as strong as Arnold

could defeat the Army. Yet using my method, I was able to defeat the
entire United States Army and gain my freedom – armed with nothing
but my underpants. I have a certified letter from the US government
to prove it! [


Just War and Conscience
                               Just war Redefined
The Scalpel

“Must the citizen ever for a moment, or in the least degree, resign his
conscience to the legislator? Why has every man a conscience
then?” ~ Henry David Thoreau

War means death. To kill intentionally, without just cause, is murder.
Willful ignorance does not relieve a man from responsibility for the
consequences of his actions.  One who acts without thinking is a tool,
and that tool can be used with equal ease by criminals or saints. The
gun is an accessory to the murder. The difference between a just and
an unjust war is the difference between a soldier and a murderer.

The Real Reason for War
                                                by The Scalpel

To speak practically and as a citizen, unlike those who call
themselves anti-war men, I ask for, not at once no war, but at once,
better war. The objections which have been brought against war, and
they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, must, in the end,
yield to the laws of God and to scientific reality.  


      The Legal Trade in Illegal Drugs
by The Scalpel

I never intended to become a drug dealer. In fact, even now, I don’t
want to be a drug dealer. But a man has got to earn a living; put food
on the table, and make sure the kids have shoes on their feet. I could
not do this without dealing drugs. Besides, dealing drugs makes me a
lot of friends. In addition to some of my patients; hospitals,
pharmacies, drug companies, and the government at all levels
encourage me to deal drugs. Doing so makes them all my friends, and
they all receive a cut of the profits.
Speak the truth, demolish lies, defend justice, and help others to do the same
Imagine the heaven you would inhabit, then start living like it
really existed, and you will be on your way there.
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